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TRANSPORTATION  Don't rent a car on the main island and try to take it to Culebra on the cargo ferry. You can't. There are various good reasons for this: reservations on the cargo ferry are usually very limited; insurance may not cover damage or liability incurred on Culebra; and most important of all — if you need roadside assistance on the (sometimes rough) roads of Culebra your car rental company can't help you out. Below is a listing of transportation options for getting around Culebra— both by land and by sea. Culebra is a constantly changing place, so there are both more and less than these listed. But you can start here:



Carlos Jeep Rental    787.742.1111

Target Car Rental   787.742.0526 /  800.934.6457   


Culebra UTV Rental 787.525.5456 / 939.400.0753



TAXIS  Opposite the ferry and at Flamenco Beach there are publicos waiting to make trips between town/ferry or individual drop-offs. You can also wave down a traveling publico on the road.

Ruben's Taxi   787.742.1209

Adriano Taxi 787.590.1375

Ernesto Taxi   787.374.1122

Charlie Taxi  787.513.8329

Xavier Taxi   787.463.0475 


BOAT RENTALS & CHARTERS  Captains come and go on Culebra, depending on season, weather, phone service. Here are a few:

Captain Louis  787.376.9988


Captain Bill  787.215.3809  




WATER SPORTS   Rent/buy snorkel gear, beach stuff

Culebra Divers   787.742.0803 opposite the ferry

Culebra Dive Shop   787.742.0566  located just before turning into town

Kayaking Puerto Rico 787.742.0523  also rents kayaks, paddleboards; located opposite the airport on the road to Flamenco  



There are 3 food markets:

COLMADO MILKA'S, across the bridge and before the gas station. They have a butcher in the back plus frozen & canned groceries and assorted fresh produce. Also wine/beer/liquor. Open 7 days. 

COSTA DEL SOL, just up the road opposite the airport entrance. They have a good selection of frozen & canned foods, some hardware & household goods, plus wine/beer/liquor selection.   

MAYRA'S is on the hill leading to the steel bridge in town. Frozen and canned goods, toiletries, household items. NO liquor. Closed between 1:30-3:30 daily and closed Sundays. 

DI'S GARDEN, adjacent to Casa SuMarco, sells fresh produce, nuts and spices, some dairy, and makes the BEST SMOOTHIES on Culebra!

LA CAVA, a gift shop just before you turn into town, has a good wine/liquor selection and a cold case with gourmet food items.

There are a few other small delis and groceries (most are in town) that are not mentioned here.

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