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Because Culebra is off the beaten track, it is protected from tourist invasion to a great extent — but that also means it takes careful planning to get there without too many delays.

Get information on all the scheduled local flights or ferries, then coordinate connection times before booking your jet flight to San Juan. That way you can minimize waiting in airport/ferry lounges— and maximize lounge time on the beach.

ALLOW AT LEAST 2 HOURS between your jet flight and the local flight (1 hour if you fly out of or into San Juan International) or the ferry, traveling both to and from Culebra. Flight delays or heavy traffic can disrupt tighter scheduling.

Don't rent a car on the main island and try to take it to Culebra on the cargo ferry. You can't. There are various good reasons for this: reservations on the cargo ferry are usually very limited; insurance may not cover damage or liability incurred on Culebra; and most important of all if you need roadside assistance on the (sometimes rough) roads of Culebra your car rental company can't help you out. It is definitely better to first get to Culebra and then rent your vehicle there. See local rental car listings on our Getting Around page.


Flying is the fastest, simplest way to get to Culebra. Three scheduled airlines service Culebra from San Juan. They fly to/from SJ international (SJU) and also to/from the smaller local airport, Isla Grande. The fare is higher flying to/from SJ International but saves you the taxi trip between airports. There is also a charter airline. The flight takes about 1/2 hour and is a wonderful way to see the coastline of the main island and get a bird's-eye view approaching Culebra. 
Isla Grande is a local airport about 15 minutes (if no traffic) by taxi from SJ International Airport. Fare between airports is approx $20 (per ride, not per person). Airline options are listed below. Flights vary from about $90 each way (depending on airport, airline, demand, etc). Another option is to taxi to Ceiba (1-1/4 hour ride, $100) and the flights are $50 pp each way. All airlines charge aditional per lb for overweight luggage (including carry-on). See websites for current overweight limits and $/lb charges.

Ferries   Ferries to/from Culebra are now to/from the port town of Ceiba (pronounced say-ba). Passenger boats are fast ferries (45 minutes). At this time (Nov 2018) the one-way fare is still $2.25 per person, though that's expected to change. Here's the current schedule (subject to change): 

Ceiba to Culebra / Passenger (fast ferry)
6 am • 10:30 am • 3 pm
Ceiba to Culebra / Cargo & Passengers 
4 am • 9 am • 5 pm • 7 pm

Culebra to Ceiba / Passenger (fast ferry)
7:15 am • 12 pm • 4:45 pm
Culebra to Ceiba / Cargo & Passengers
6 am • 1 pm • 7:30 pm • 8:30 pm



Be sure to print out your boarding pass or confirmation receipt and bring it with you.  Check airline websites for most up-to-date flight times.

AIR FLAMENCO 787.724.1105 / 787.724.1818 

VIEQUES AIR LINK (VAL)  888.901.9247 

SEABORNE 787-946-7800 / 866-359-8784

CHARTER: AIR MARGARITA  Sergio Molinas  787.724.4498 


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